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Property Investor Confidence Returning - 13 August, 2014
Cyprus was one of the countries hardest hit by the financial downturn with the property market struggling as banks slid into crisis, eventually forcing the country to seek help from the EU and IMF in March 2013. The €10bn bailout also required... read full story
Cypriot property market 'stabilising at last' - 14 March, 2014
The market for property in Cyprus has gone through a torrid time in recent years, but if new reports are to be believed, it seems that the sector is about to return to a state of health in the next few years. Cyprus was one of the nations hit hardest... read full story
Cypriot Developers Call for Changes to Taxation on Properties - 11 March, 2014
Developers in Cyprus have called on official bodies to change the way that properties in the nation are taxed in order to avoid the sorts of 'injustices' that have been seen in recent years. Organisations teamed together to send an open letter to the... read full story
Concerns Raised in Cyprus Over Tax and Property Ruling - 04 February, 2014
Concerns have been aired in Cyprus about the legitimacy of a new rule that could hamper property sales in the future, with critics questioning whether the new moves are even legal. Under the new proposals, the tax man in the nation would have the ability... read full story
Cypriot Government Appoints PwC as Property Tax Advisor - 22 January, 2014
Professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has been appointed to an advisory role over the creation of a singular tax policy for property in Cyprus, the government has said. Local media, reports Cyprus Property News, has said that the government... read full story
Foreign investment in Cyprus driven by property - 10 January, 2014
Overseas investors in property in Cyprus were a main driver of the hundreds of millions of euros the country managed to bring in during the final two thirds of 2013. According to the latest figures, in the eight months to the end of the year, Cyprus saw... read full story
Cyprus government extends misselling deadline - 20 December, 2013
The Cypriot government has extended the deadline to launch legal proceedings for those caught up in the mis-selling scandal . The 15,000 Britons that were mis-sold property now have until December 31st 2014 to lodge a claim against lenders and Cypriot... read full story
Cyprus govt to launch mortgage rescue scheme - 11 December, 2013
The Cypriot government is looking to launch a rescue scheme that will help homeowners who are unable to maintain their mortgage repayments. A Ministry of Finance official told the House Human Rights Committee that those who are unable to repay their... read full story
Controversial Cypriot rent bill scrapped - 11 November, 2013
A controversial bill to regulate rents in Cyprus has been scrapped. Parliament decided against the legislation, penned by opposition party AKEL, on the grounds that it went against the principles of the free market, Cyprus Property News reported. The... read full story
Cypriot construction activity declining - a problem for buyers? - 31 October, 2013
When a country finds itself in financial difficulty, construction is one of the first industries to slow down - if not all but halt. It should be unsurprising then that the Cypriot property market is witnessing declining house building. However, the... read full story
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