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Q: Why sell with us?

A: Here are the Top Five reasons!


Our partners have been selling property in cyprus for over 6 years and will guide you through the process from start to finish. They understand the buying and selling process from both sides and can help you find a solicitor if you wish

Our partners will provide you with a dedicated agent who will look after the sale of your property from beginning to end, including the development of the initial marketing materials and ensuring that your property is widely promoted throughout the network. Your agent will arrange viewings on your property, handle offers, deal with the process of agreeing the sale and monitor and oversee the completion process.

NETWORK is part of a network of over 300 websites. These websites attract thousands of visitors each day who will see your property. Our partners and agents across the world and in all the major tourist resorts of cyprus such as Larnaca that are constantly conducting viewings for our partners and helping them complete sales.
website network

Through our partners worldwide network they are able to market your property to the world. Our partners are constantly looking to improve this service to give them the competitive edge so that your property sells with one of our partners.

RESULTS - No.1 for UK and Ireland Sellers
This is the part our partners do well. Our partner and agents main goal is to sell your property. This is not another listing company but a company who want to sell your property through the help of our partners and the results are there to prove that this is done very well.

If you want more feedback or are interested in talking to one of our team please call 0044 28 3083 4017 or fill out the enquiry form to the right.